Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does homeowners insurance cover damage caused by mold?

    Most basic homeowners insurance policies exclude coverage of damage caused by mold. Yet that doesnʼt mean a mold claim will be denied automatically. In most cases if mold results from an accidental covered peril, such as a pipe bursting the cost of remediation should be covered.

  • How much do you charge for your service?

    Every hoarding or mold situation is different. There may be similarities between each job but the circumstances are different, and the needs and wants of every client are different. We will work with your needs and adjust our scope of work accordingly. Once we have a good idea of the extent of the job we will give the client a detailed bid and stick to that price.

  • What if there are valuables in the hoarders house?

    Six Points Plus personnel will put aside all valuables and any items that have a monetary value for the responsible party to evaluate. All personal documents are also set aside for further evaluation. It is important that all valuable items believed to be in the home prior to cleaning be documented so we can specifically look for those items.

  • Why hire a bio hazard clean up company to do a hoarding clean up?

    Although many clean up companies will clean up a hoarding situation, if there is an excessive amount of bio hazard issues they will walk away. Six Points Plus is O.S.H.A. certified in bio-hazard recovery and certified in mold remediation.

  • Are the chemicals you use safe?

    All of the chemicals we use are EPA approved and are safe for families and co-workers.



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