Six Points Plus is a Minnesota-based Environmental Services company. We understand the circumstances which lead you to seek our services and we are ready to respond quickly and professionally in every situation.

Mold Remediation and Removal

For home and property owners the discovery of mold can be extremely stressful. No matter the extent of the mold problem, proper remediation can restore the property and maintain its value.

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It is estimated that up to six million people in the U.S. hoard. People living in this kind of environment can become very ill. Many times they are exposed to black mold, animal or human feces, dangerous bacteria and other hazardous materials that can cause illness or disease.

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Odor Neutralization

Odor removal can be the most difficult task to remediate properly. To eliminate odors associated with fecal matter, urine and decomposition to name a few the source must first be located and removed.

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